Human-Dog petitation bonds


Research has found that humans and dog are linked so deep at a level that there is a noun called petitation that has found way into the world of mindfulness. Connecting at a deeper level with your dog through a sacred gaze, produces oxytocin – the happiness and well being hormone. Much don’t we realize how much the creature lying on our lap and getting stroked is helping us transform at a hormonal level. This is indeed amazing and am in love with my pet at a whole new level now.

Below is the abstract quoted from Nagasaki’s research on the Oxytocin-gaze positive loop between humans and dogs:

“Human-like modes of communication, including mutual gaze, in dogs may have been acquired during domestication with humans. We show that gazing behavior from dogs, but not wolves, increased urinary oxytocin concentrations in owners, which consequently facilitated owners’ affiliation and increased oxytocin concentration in dogs. Further, nasally administered oxytocin increased gazing behavior in dogs, which in turn increased urinary oxytocin concentrations in owners. These findings support the existence of an interspecies oxytocin-mediated positive loop facilitated and modulated by gazing, which may have supported the coevolution of human-dog bonding by engaging common modes of communicating social attachment.”(Nagasaki 2015)

Nagasaki, MihoShouhei Mitsui; Takefumi Kikusui 2015Oxytocin-gaze positive loop and the coevolution of human-dog bonds” Science April 17, 2015.

2 thoughts on “Human-Dog petitation bonds

  1. That oxytocin is amazing stuff! I remember feeling it strongly with my human babies, and I’m not surprised to find out that interactions with our animal companions can increase levels. That’s unconditional love for ya.

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