Sea Kayaking & Vipassana meditation together – Enough said!

Vipassana Meditation & Sea Kayaking Retreat with Mark Coleman

Take a break from winter cold and join a Vipassana meditation retreat and sea kayaking trip in the pristine wilderness of the Sea of Cortez.

Last year we were accompanied by pods of Bottlenosed and Spinner dolphins, and even a majestic Blue whale – the largest mammal on the planet. The night skies are dazzling star studded shows, with dreamy sunrises and sunsets. With the rugged back drop of craggy mountains, and the deep blue waters and clear skies it is a powerful combination of elements.

This is a delightful place to practice meditation, connecting deeply with the beautiful and powerful forces of nature through turquoise seas, vast skies and Baja desert islands. We will spend time meditating on beautiful remote beaches, under exquisite sunrises, and sunset skies, doing mindful kayaking between campsites, and nighttime paddling with the mind blowing bioluminesence.

The retreat will be mostly in silence to support the meditative process, and there will be several periods of meditation daily as well as time for discussion, talks on the themes of meditation in nature, talking circles and opportunities for one to one work with the Mark Coleman. There will also be free time to swim, snorkel and enjoy this spectacular setting.



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