Managing Allergies with Meditation

Allergies and Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness

For as long as I can remember I have had allergies; both spring and fall allergies.  They were debilitating.  Ragweed, pollen, leaves, grass, trees, mold and I have long suspected an allergy to chores (although that was never proven).


I initially took the traditional route in dealing with my allergies.  I started with over the counter medications and graduated to prescription medications.  There was even talk of moving to shots, but the diagnosis that the shots would likely be ineffective given the severity and number of allergies stopped that (fine with me; I don’t like needles anyway).

So I started a custom mix of pills, rotating them frequently and maxing out the daily dosages.  Even then, there were still times when I would lie in bed in a ball, barely able to breathe, my eyes red and nose raw from sniffling.  A box of Kleenex on one side and a…

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