Taking a step back – Self Awareness

Whenever I reach out inward, by taking a step back for a moment, I see things very differently from what I have in the go-go-go mode.

Just sitting in a chair or couch works best for me to do this mental exercise of self awareness. I then stay in a state of curiosity. This helps me slow down to get into a relaxed mode. Believing in myself helps me in this state, whatever the state I’m in. Then I explore how I feel, what thoughts cross my mind and bring in some kindness to myself to stay gentle in the whole self awareness process. I tend to do this at least twice a week at peak stress days as part of self care to check in with myself and know I can slow down to be aware of my reactions.

What this reveals is a beautiful picture of my day and my reactions to the various happenings. This in turn helps me write out my process recordings with my supervisor in an authentic fashion and process any anomalous reactions in my mind with openness and curiosity. I slowly realized in this field that curiosity about myself and my environment along with critical thinking alone will help me bring a better work – life balance.

Thanks for reading my process for self awareness !



Grief and Loss

It is a momentous time of traumatic loss. However close they are, they are missed. The impact they’ve had on everyone’s lives…such emotions wash over that it is hard to put it in words. But sharing the grief emotions with other close friends seems to help. Sharing good memories of the person lost seems to help….Reliving some of the events shared with them seems to help.


It is indeed a wide open world with umpteen possibilities….However, a tragic abrupt loss of a person in your life, makes such a drastic impact and makes one realize that life is too short. It’s all about living the moment holistically and even better, mindfully. Rather than worry about the next steps, we can cherish this second in hand. Feeling the breeze on our face….enjoying the smile on our child…while gently allowing the race of life to slow down for savoring THIS moment. That single breath of fresh air, one thought of gratitude for what we have is good so far, the ability to say this is enough for me!… All wrapped up in a moment’s glory…

Savor what you have for it *may* vanish the next second….


Connect with the Majesty of the moment!

Here is a simple way to connect to the majesty of the moment, wherever you are:


Pause for a moment.

Be with the sensation of breath filling the body.

Be with the sensation of breath emptying the body.

Enjoy the splendor of simply breathing.

Credits: Kris Moon