Breaking the myths behind Mindfulness practice for the benefit of Trauma Survivors

1. Don’t need to close your eyes during mindfulness meditation.

2. Don’t need to sit still to do mindfulness meditation.

3. Staying present in the moment non-judgmentally, even while walking, eating or working, is what is truly being mindful.

4. Don’t need to shut off your mind as your brain is always going to be active, especially with a trauma history.

5. Don’t need to focus on your breath. Trauma victims find this especially triggering with unpredictable outcomes.

6. Mindfulness meditation is not for quick turnaround of results.

7. Mindfulness meditation is not for everyone!

Heartfulness Guided Mindfulness Meditation (Video)

Heartfulness Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Enjoy a peaceful weekend!

The Science behind Mindfulness Meditation


It is a known fact that meditation helps in many aspects of a person’s life. It can aid you build your immune system, get back your focus and concentration, and of course reduce anxiety levels and other problems that bother the mind. Though said to be effective, so little scientific research has been done to […]

Source: The Science behind Mindfulness Meditation