Why I am Ending the Silence

Source: Why I am Ending the Silence

Like fire is suffocated by oxygen, depression and darkness are stifled by sound and not just any sound but by the sounds of voices. My voice, your voice- it is our voices and our stories that have the ability to change society’s mindset on depression and to beat depression once and for all. The time of standing in the shadows of a  dark corner have come to an end.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and have struggled with acute and mild forms throughout my entire life. For years I kept it all inside. I suppressed all my feelings, I made them so they didn’t even exist.  I was ashamed of how others would view the real me. I feared what saying everything out loud would make me. I was afraid that the truth would hinder me but instead speaking out has made me a stronger and a better person. I feel like a enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I have found that I have made connections with people that I never thought possible. I have found people just like me, who likewise were afraid to share their struggles with mental health out loud.  Slowly but surely I finally started to believe the phrase “you are not alone”.

So this is me speaking out candidly, making noise and giving a voice to depression, a sound in the darkness and shattering our worlds view on mental illness. Please read, comment and share with as many people as possible for one voice alone can not create change, it is with an army of voices that we together can end the discrimination, stigma and taboo associated with mental ill.